Traditional comfort and style, with an enhanced set of features. For straight stairs.

  • The Sofia has a high back, a rolled front to the seat cushion, and is fully upholstered. This lends it the look and feel of an armchair, and fits in well to a traditional setting.
  • Automatic folding. Just lift up an armrest and the seat and footrest fold up automatically. This eliminates the need to bend down to fold up the chair, which is nice at the bottom of the stairs; essential at the top.
  • An all-in-one control pod. The control may be on either armrest and is designed for 'non-technical' people. Just push it one way to go up the stairs, the other way to go down. In addition the tip of the control turns off the stairlift, and may be removed to lock the stairlift (sometimes helpful if there are grandchildren around).
  • Sofia control in On position
    Sofia control in Off position
    Sofia conttrol in Locked position
  • A seat-load sensor. The control-pod doesn't work until the user is securely seated in the chair (so it won't suddenly move as you sit down). To send a small load (such as a laundry basket), use the remotes on the landing.
  • We have the only seat belt designed just for a stairlift. Instead of being tucked down by the users' hips like most seat belts, the Sofia has a retractable seat belt that is mounted near the tip of one armrest, and which can be operated with one hand. It simply latches into a hole on the opposite armrest.
  • Fine upholstery. The Sofia has traditional styling and comes in five colors of leather, five colors of easy-clean woven fabric, and two colors of super-soft vinyl.
  • Stannah has the best testing process in the industry. All Stannah stairlifts are tested at full load for the equivalent of 10 years of use, and the motor/gearbox is tested for the equivalent of 20 years. This is a robust stairlift designed to serve you well.

Hover over a color-swatch to change the seat color


Cocoa upholstery
Oyster upholstery
Slate upholstery
Cream upholstery
Black upholstery


Red upholstery
Green upholstery
Blue upholstery
Stone upholstery
Mustard upholstery


Sand upholstery
Lavender upholstery

Please ask to see a color swatch - computer monitors often display colors incorrectly.

Front dimensions
Side dimensions
Plan dimensions

Dimensions measured from the wall are nominal - the addition of a wide baseboard or similar obstruction may affect the dimensions taken from this point. The dimensions are accurate, but you should add 1" clearance for the user.

  • Weight limit: 300lbs. (For a higher rated-load, see the Saxon chair.)
  • Minimum stair width: about 27". (The stairlift takes up less, but you need room for the users' knees)
  • Distance between armrests: 19"
  • Depth of seat cushion: 15" with an optional 10" cushion, recommended for people under 5' tall.
  • Minimum seat height from floor: 18"
  • Maximum seat height from floor: 27"
  • Space needed at the bottom of the stairs: about 27" in front of first step (but chair can be folded and sent up the stairs when not in use)
  • Folded width from wall: 13.1"
  • Rail protrusion at bottom landing: about 15" unless a fold-up rail is fitted
  • Rail protrusion at top landing: about 4", but can be installed with no protrusion if there is a door at the top
  • Width of rail: 4"
  • Distance of rail from baseboard: usually about 3¾"
  • Speed: about 18'/minute (so about 45 seconds to ride up a typical staircase)
  • Remotes: two, one for each landing, infra-red wireless (like a TV remote, fewer buttons!)
  • Battery life - stairlift: typically 3-5 years
  • Battery life - remotes: typically 1-2 years depending on use. 3 'AA' batteries per remote
  • Service interval: an annual service is recommended by Stannah and by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • User maintenance required: none, but a wipe down with a damp cloth is OK for cleaning
  • Standard safety devices
    • Seat belt: retractable seat-belt
    • Over-speed governor: required in public buildings, so we fit one to all our stairlifts
    • Safety sensors: on the footrest and both sides of chair, to stop the stairlift if it touches an obstruction
    • Constant battery-charging: to prevent dead batteries, the biggest cause of call-outs for most stairlifts
    • Key lock: under one armrest
  • Available options
    • Automatic fold-up track - used where no obstruction is there is a door or passageway at the bottom of the stairs
    • Powered swivel seat - allows the user to swivel the seat while standing away from the top of the stairs
    • Footrest fold-button
    • Upholstery colors: 12 (see 'Colors' tab)

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